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Leftover lyric ideas put into 1 song and spoken - eventually shouted!


I’ve started so many things that have failed to take off
It’s like I’ve given up or that I don’t have too long
Too many ideas and not enough time
Fear of the end compared to what is behind
All that once was I’m losing more and more
And I know that it’s because I ignore it once more
20 once mores times 20 a day
equals the mess that I am today
Can’t I say that I have the will to change
Sendin’ myself on a vacation so sweet
I feel like he talks like that fast cause he’s scared of all his insecurities
I think that I feel like him and that I share the same philosophy
I declare to you boy right here and right now that I’ll share every single part of me
I’ll spit it out
And you’ll find a way to pick it out
You should know if it doesn’t work that I’m fine
You should know that I gave all the love, that you cannot deny
If you think that you can do better, then whatever, so long, goodbye
Just make a note of this in retrospect baby so that I can too!
Cause you’re a dreaming if you think I’m not fair
With your pretend weeping you’ve got no time to fucking care
I don’t want a love like this
I don’t want a life like this
I wanna live stressless
I wanna live guiltless
Wanna feel special
Not like I’m mental
Baby will you shadow this
Or stand next to this
Or will you neglect this
Cause I’m feeling restless
Bradley’s getting tired
Bradley’s startin’ to fall asleep
It’s getting hard to explain life lyrically
It’s gonna take a tragedy
To snap me the fuck out of repeat
certified under mental is how one defines me
It’d take a hell of a lot more than a simple mistake to rearrange my fate
I’m slowing down on the output
As I figure out the input
I’m in need of rewiring
Too bad nothings ever concrete
unembedded membrane
Unglamorous and lame
I’ve sighed out unrelieved
How to begin a song now-a-days
When I feel so wrong and latent
Am I still lost in inability to associate
On my wrongfulness that I’ll now marinate
In a swamp of blame whether by them or by me
Lost I am so lost that I can no longer see
What’s been happening to me
The life I love to live is haunting me
And I’m so unhealthy
And the flowers all around me
Are already past the point of withering
Loose peddles waiting to fall off
Branches already broken
I must brush them off
I must brush them off
Intergalactic networking on the electronic tube
I have lost my will to live and my life is my proof
My children are starving while daddy’s aloof
I can only pray that this one day is through
But at the same time this is all only half truth
So once again I’m forced to ask each of you
How do I write a song when it’s all over so soon


from Certified Under Mental (Cum), released May 31, 2008


all rights reserved



Bradley Voorhees New York

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